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First and foremost, this blog is strictly my opinion or the opinion of those approved to “guest” blog as well as comments from the readers.

None of us profess to be an expert in any field and the information is for entertainment purposes for sharing opinions of life’s purposes and in no way should you consider it fact without doing your own research.

In other words we are not providing medical, legal or other professional advice and you are reading and/or using any of the information at your own risk and hold Pink Bows On Everything and its related parties harmless.

Copyright & Media

All of the content contained on this site is copyrighted by The Temeca Group, Inc. with all rights reserved, excepted where specifically noted. This includes all media files and data. Note that some of the photos were pulled from various sources and those which specifically belong to The Temeca Group, Inc. are noted as such.

All logos, tag lines such as “Handle With Care” and other trademarks used in this blog belong to The Temeca Group, Inc., unless otherwise stated.

Blog content may not be re-published without written permission submitted to the above email address. If approved, you will receive an approval for your records.

Comments submitted to the blog become our property. If you have copyrighted information, please state so in your comment with the copyright information for your protection.

Our Rights

We reserve the right to edit guest blogs as to reduce length of content to make it easier for the reader while keeping the integrity of the blog.

We reserve the right to delete, edit and/or restrict comments from offensive users without notice.

We reserve the right to change the focus of Pink Bows On Everything at anytime, without notice.

From time to time, you may see advertisers on our blog. We are not responsible for any benefits or damages you may incur once you click their link.  Even if the link is provided by us as part of, for instance, a “Blog Roll”, we are not liable in any way once you click the link for any benefits or damages you may incur as a result.  All legal action must be resolved between the reader and the link from the company which caused a grievance.


Sometimes art imitates life.

And because these are the opinions of many, it may seem as if some content is directed at a specific person, place or situation. We reserve the right to use creative licensing and at no time will a person’s personal identifying information be posted in our blogs.  In addition, we do not rent nor sell any emails and you will not be spammed by us.

From time to time, we come across comments, suggestions and letters to the editor which we may want to share with the audience. In that case, any personal information is 100% removed and used in the context of the blog.

Collection of Data & Confidentiality

We do not collect personal indentifying information. We only collect emails addresses

We use your email for the purpose of tracking out stats and allowing you to join.

We also do not collect passwords.

You are given the option to “opt” in or out of our services at anytime.


We want to ensure you we will handle you with care!


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