How To Go From *Zero to Breakthrough

You’re here because you insist on getting to the good part!

Have you ever found yourself at the absolute end of the rope with no more room at the bottom?

Have you ever wanted know how others seem to make things happen no matter what is happening moment to moment?

Have you ever wanted a plan to help you get a breakthrough in all areas of your life?

If so, this is for YOU!  Today I am going to show you a way to go from *Zero to Breakthrough in a few simple steps.

I’ve always lived to have fun and enjoy life no matter what was happening. Occasionally, I’d get in a slump here and there, but usually never at the same time and definitely not for a long period of time. I’d always had a support system consisting of a significant other, family members or a supportive community so there was always someone to “catch” me.

This was true for me until one day, one event changed my entire life. Most of the situation was beyond my control, however my reaction to it and the ultimate decision I made landed me in a position to where there was no more room at the end of the rope.

The situation itself is irrelevant but the lesson I learned is where I can best serve you to help you get to your breakthrough.

After trying to reconcile in my mind what my next steps would be, I decided it was time to stop wallowing in the muck and mire of what had happened and “*take off from where I was”.  I was looking to rise up from the despair, anger and confusion into a state of happiness, inner peace and prosperity the same way a Cobra helicopter lifts off into battle. See, if you know anything about helicopters in general, you know a runway isn’t needed for it to take off. It simply gains its momentum from within and lifts from wherever it is. Now combine that information about a regular helicopter with a Cobra helicopter which is a superior military attack weapon. You now have what I call a SUPER helicopter and they really exist!

Short True Story

I got out of bed, got a pen and some paper and began to plan my way up out of this mess.

I took these steps which became a map to the road for me to get to the life I wanted and deserved. In the beginning, I was looking for the road to turn on to get back to what was familiar and “safe”, but creating a map lead me to the road where I was able to begin living my best life to-date!

STEP 1) I acknowledged where I was and accepted my responsibility without blaming anyone.

The reasons why I ended up so low in life were no longer relevant so I found it better to let go of the past. Letting go wasn’t easy and from time to time things would flash across my mind, but I had to make myself change the channel in my mind to another station and within weeks, the “flashes” were fewer and farther in between.  This takes daily practice until it becomes a habit.

STEP 2) I wrote out exactly what I wanted in life, including how I wanted it to feel, look, tastes, sound and anything else I could think of to be as clear as possible. I would visualize throughout the day to the point I began to believe it already existed.

Guess what?  The people, places and things I wanted began to show up!

The key part of this step is to be clear as this was the beginning of me designing my life and to believe it was possible, no matter how it seemed to my carnal eyes.

We spend a lot of time designing our dream car and planning our weddings but it’s easy to say from the amount of complaining I hear or read about that most people do not put plan the lives they want nor do they believe it is possible to have a good life.  Everyone’s definition of a good life is different, yet whatever it is, it is possible to obtain when you believe it is.

STEP 3) I created daily positive affirmations about who I wanted to become. I would write these affirmations on post-it notes and stick them everywhere. I would speak them as often as I thought about it and needed to, especially upon waking up, before going to bed and when my mind would try to bring up the past.

Within weeks, I began to feel better, look better and things got better. The low point I spoke about earlier was becoming a distant memory.

STEP 4) I reviewed my plans daily to ensure I stayed on task and updated as needed.

Let’s get back to the helicopter story. Before a pilot takes off, they always do a check to ensure everything is in working order. Just because the helicopter flew well the day before, doesn’t mean today will give the same results.  By checking before moving forward they have an idea of how things will go and can better plan for emergencies and things that may come up.

Writing down the plans helped me to stay accountable and gave me the ability to check off the list to show physical evidence that I was moving forward and when I wasn’t.

STEP 5) I took time to step back from things periodically to appreciate the changes that were occurring. I became thankful for the simplest things such as having beautiful skin that was blemish free because the stress was gone. I gave thanks for having an affordable, clean, safe home, new opportunities opened to me, and the ability to forgive the slightest insult.

It’s important to be grateful.

Too often we get caught up in “Gimme this, gimme that”, “Lord I just need this to _____”, “Lord if  You would just do this____, then I_____”.

Taking time to be grateful kept me focused on the prizes ahead. The more grateful I became, the more of the things I loved began to appear in my life. I no longer focused on what I didn’t want. I just focused on what I wanted, what I had and I was grateful for everything.

STEP 6) Do something different……right?

That’s a great way to get to your breakthrough. However, the fuel behind it is to “begin”.

It would not have mattered that I had great plans for my life or acknowledged daily how grateful I was if I didn’t actually implement the plans and move everyday to get closer to where I wanted to be. This can be a hard step to take because the mind wants to stay where it feels the most comfortable and safest. Often times, we end up back in our old habits, which only re-create the same results. But you can change this, with practice.

The mind works like this.

It was created to keep us alive and connected to the Source. So the slightest changes in your life which are uncomfortable signal to the mind there is potential danger ahead. While this may be true at times, keep in mind when you are seeking a breakthrough, you will become uncomfortable. The feeling of it should be so great to where you will want to move ahead and seek a breakthrough.

The number one question I get is “How long will this take?”

Applying the six steps above will help you get from your *Zero to Breakthrough, in record time, depending on when you decide to begin. Just as no two people are alike, neither can the timing be based upon someone else experience. Trusting God’s Timing is where I choose to place the answer for you.

All you need to do is believe and begin.

So begin.

Be handled with care and love,


(c) The Temeca Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2011

*Zero to Breakthrough by Vernice Armour. Get THIS book, because you will find the easiest template for a complete breakthrough in life I’ve ever seen in print. Although I created my own steps prior to reading this book, once I read this book, my life took off like the SUPER helicopter that I spoke about. Now it’s your turn! *Zero to Breakthrough and its concepts are copyrighted and owned by Vernice Armour.


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