Heartbreak is one of the most painful experiences one can endure in a lifetime….and sometimes it occurs more than once.  The initial first few days and weeks can leave you on mental auto pilot.  The confusion, the wondering and hoping can take it’s toll  your spirit. Your thoughts will come and go and there will be days when your eyes will water with uncontrollable tears that never seem to end. and you’ll try to beat yourself up with “What if I had just” questions or similar.

I’m here to tell you there’s nothing you can do to un-happen anything. And at this moment, I know you’ve placed your heart in protective custody.

I found myself counting the hours after one of the worse days of my life, then the days, then the weeks. I functioned as normal to everyone else, but to me, I was a mere shell just trying to hold on. Even when I heard “I’m sorry”, “It wasn’t my intent”, “I didn’t want to hurt you so I lied”, none of it mattered because the trust I held was destroyed. I only knew I wanted the pain to end immediately.

A lot of self help content will say, love yourself and move on, but this blog is letting you know you are not alone.

And it’s more than “ok” to breathe through the pain.

What’s happening? You’re searching for answers within, on the internet, from friends, from social sites on a remedy, when the truth is this.  A single moment has changed your plans,  altered the course of your life, destroyed a lifetime of achievements, caused you to doubt and stand at the edge of “give up.” You’ve officially learned your life will never be the same.

So what now?

To help me regain control of my thoughts and stop replaying them over and over, I kept myself busy by working out, watching funny movies and journaling exactly what I was feeling at the time and writing in the raw. When I needed to cry, I cried. I would force myself to think on good things unrelated to the heartbreaker. And I worked out some more.  I made lunch plans with my friend girls and I scheduled things to do that I normally would not have made time to do. I made sure when I went to bed I was so tired, that a bath eluded me.

It was my way of burying the pain.

But through it all, I would take in deep breaths to ease the physical pain I was experiencing, until one day…….. click here, if you’re ready to know.


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