Healing Hearts

Feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus?  Are you needing the phone number to a “Rent-An-Oxygen” tank company to assist you with breathing?  Feeling like you will not make it?  How about an inability to sleep, continuously replaying the event over and over, rages of jealousy, anger, resentment, fear, an urge to

fight and scream, having the ability to cry with a small thought, hurting with every breath you take, no longer wanting to be around other people, watching the phone for “the call”, texting and erasing the text 100 times but never sending it, emailing how you’ve learned and changed, and recalling all the good times you both shared but getting no response?   Checking social sights while holding your breath throughout the day and night? Never wanting to wake up in fear it’s real and never wanting to go to sleep too afraid to dream?  Does it basically seem like life as you know it is over, shattered into a ba-zillion pieces that cannot be fixed?

If this is you, your heart has been broken or shall I say, shattered.

You know the phrase, “It takes one to know one”?  Well what I’ve described is only a snippet of what we can experience when we’ve been let down or hurt. The above describes some of the pain I’ve felt during a tragedy whether it was untimely death or a break-up.

You probably just want the pain to end now. I’m here to tell you, go ahead and research how long it takes to mend a broken heart. You’ll find people saying 18 months, 24 months and you also find lots of things to do to  help you re-group. I have a way to help you get over it in less than 180 days starting today.

The first step is to pause for a moment. Now, take in a long deep breath and when you can hold no more, SLOWLY release that air. Do this about 4-5 times. If you are experiencing pain because this is happening to you at this very moment increase your inhalations to 10.

Next, clear your mind of everything that has occurred, no matter what it was that has landed you here.

When you have been able to compose yourself, click here.


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