When I was a little girl I associated pink with being a Princess.

As I teenager to early adulthood, I got away from pink because I associated it with being weak and vulnerable.

As woman, I love pink because it is calming, it represents love, softness and my strength as a woman.

Now it symbolizes to me that all women MUST be handled with care and healed from within.

Hi my name is Temeca and I am the creator of Pink Bows On Everything!

In 2006 my blog was originally set up under LoveYourself4Life to deal with fitness and losing weight, but as things evolved in my life, I realized before a person could fully “love herself” to lose the weight she needed to know it was more than “ok” to be handled with care, thus Pink Bows On Everything came to be.

At times, my life is like watching a movie that loops and all that’s needed is a soundtrack.

Like you, I’ve passed and failed tests.

I’ve lived, loved, let go, learned and lead and I repeat this cycle frequently.

And through it all, I’ve always been who I am and deserving of being handled with care…….but I didn’t always know I deserved to be handled with care.

I share my journey with you and I bring the journeys of others who may be able to assist you with creating your best life and reminding  you that you MUST ALWAYS be handled with care.

So sign up to begin creating your best life yet!

Thank you for your visits to the blog!


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