What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life?

What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life?-Chris Botti

Hello PBOE peeps!

Short True Story

It’s been a month long sabbatical and so much has happened!

I know some of you may have wondered if I quit and the answer is “NO!”

In fact, I had to go back to my days of biology studies and remember that the Life Cycle has two primary cycles:  Life and Death, and in between the two there is rest.

I needed a break to restore, regroup and reorganize so I could continue forward with the tasks at hand.

As I was coming back into my routine, I began to reflect on the series of events which have occurred in the last 9 months.  The only resounding thing that kept coming up was “What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life”, which is a track by Chris Botti.  However, I wasn’t thinking about a relationship. I was thinking about this one thing:

If I could do one thing all day for the rest of MY life what would it be?

The time-off allowed me contemplate what it would take to make some major accomplishments between now and December 31, 2011.  In addition to planning and preparation, I needed to live authentically, unafraid and FULL OUT!

Living authentically means I no longer make excuses for myself,  nor do I make apologies for being who I am and I am done settling in life for anything.

Living unafraid means I  just do it, just research it, just create it, just put myself in the game I want to play in.

Living FULL OUT means I  enjoy every moment, no matter how that moment feels, because I know my faith is 100% solid. Even when I’m feeling low in things or feeling a certain way, I have too much proof of “This too shall pass” to start worrying now.

If you’re similar to me, you like “things” and going places. You spend time researching and analyzing the best rates, places, discounts, dates and times for these things to occur in your life.  But when it comes to the operations of your life’s desires you might have adhoc thought towards what it would take to make your best life happen. And at best, you might write your goals, remember the goals and follow-through on the goals

Whether you planned a resolution for the New Year, changed relationships, started new businesses, been in poor health, or come into loads of opportunities, it’s still time to step it up in every area of your life and let go of the past.

So, create something different.

Create it now!

Be handled with care and love,


(c) The Temeca Group, Inc. 2011


About Temeca

I believe in living authentically. By me being open about the truths we all share, people can connect with their own truths and have a better spiritual walk, health & wellness, healing, healthy relationships, and prosperity in their finances and career. Most importantly, loving others unconditionally "as is", forgiving for good and being happy are keys to a successful life.

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