Want a Proven Blueprint for Success?

When your desires are strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.-Napoleon Hill

First let’s define success and blueprint.

According to the dictionary, success is defined as a desired result.   A blueprint is defined as a detailed outline or plan of action.  Put these together in a phrase and you get a blueprint for success.

How bad do you want more of a blueprint for success?

Short True Story

I know a woman who is very successful at what she does. The bottom line?  She gets desired results. However, once she would get to a certain level, she would usually flounder and make senseless “mistakes” which landed her back to starting over again…..literally.

This had been her pattern for so long that I was beginning to wonder if maybe success wasn’t for her.  However, I knew all things were possible for those who believed therefore nothing was left out.  So what could the problem be?  After many conversations about the same ol’ thing, I concluded the words of belief were there but her actions always said something different. It was like she was reading from a set of outdated blueprints.


Success was eluding her because she feared being successful and alone. Just as she would be about to have her “ah ha” moment, sub-consciously, she would sabotage herself because that’s where she felt most comfortable and she didn’t want to risk loosing the things, people and places she felt “defined” who she was. She also was known for having over come some great-big-ol’-difficulties in life in which she always brought up when she was feeling defeated. Instead of permanently embracing her past as a cornerstone of her greatness, she seemed to have pity parties all of the time.

The moment she decided to cancel her subscription to her past and live unafraid and full out, in that moment everything she wanted began to show up in the most amazing ways.

What did she do differently to change things?

I likened her experience to one being present at his or her birth.

When I was born, I was there……although I do not recall a thing.  I heard the story of my entrance. I heard I struggled for air, was born with a birth defect in my heart, was on some type of tube feeding for days and had to stay a little longer than my buddies born that same day. However, I do not remember what I went through and I all I know is I’m alive and healthy today.  Whatever my experiences were from my delivery, well……it was meant for my delivery. It didn’t define who I became as a woman. That’s just part of my past…..an unknown memory that’s served its purpose and is done.

Along the way of being born to being a full grown woman, I’ve let go some of the thoughts and experiences of my past, especially the bad, including some of the recent things that have occurred.  What I did differently was I canceled my subscription for renewing some-horrible-time-that-I-cannot un-do (outdated blueprints) in order to obtain new blueprints for where I was traveling to next. I replaced the fear I felt of being successful and alone, with being successful and living a wonderful, healthy, prosperous, fun, happy and peaceful life.

Now I choose who I want in my life, where I want to be and what I want to have as my choices are made unattached to them being perfect or happening within a certain time frame. I simply know it is done.

The “she”  whom I’ve been writing about is me.

Today, I have a new set of blueprints that are up-to-date, consists of only the best laid plans and desired result expectations, and it is customized specifically for me.  Now I’m saying “more please and thank you”, because I am living the life I want and deserve based on the right blueprints.

How can you obtain your personal copy?

Cancel your subscription to the past.

Now go and be great!

Be handled with care and love,


(c) The Temeca Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2011


About Temeca

I believe in living authentically. By me being open about the truths we all share, people can connect with their own truths and have a better spiritual walk, health & wellness, healing, healthy relationships, and prosperity in their finances and career. Most importantly, loving others unconditionally "as is", forgiving for good and being happy are keys to a successful life.

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