Trusting God’s Timing

How many times have you been in a situation in which you made a goal or had a vision of something you wanted to accomplish in which you stayed the course for a long time but things seemed to move ever so slowly?

So you decided to take action and help God, just to mess it all up.

What would happen if you let go of your plans and let God handle it?

Well, here’s what I learned to do and now I will teach it to you.

Short True Story

I was very grateful for the car I had. It wasn’t the best car on the lot but it was my car and it worked. The A/C and heat worked at the appropriate times and it was low maintenance, overall. However, it was a very old used car with a couple of hundred thousand miles on it.  At various times it wouldn’t start and I had to do tricks to flip the engine when I was ready to go. As time went by, the transmission began to give out and I’d have to pull over and turn the car off, let it sit for a few seconds and turn it back on so the transmission could reset.  Sometimes this didn’t even work.  To top it off, I usually had a line of cars behind me because my car couldn’t go the speed limit as quickly as theirs. This was unsafe more than embarrassing.

I knew this was becoming a safety issue so I began looking for a new car. I’d finally pulled together the required things necessary to make a purchase but there were several things I knew I was supposed to do in order to be in compliance with the DMV that I hadn’t done. I put it off and kept telling myself that I was going to take care of things once I got the “new” car. Having these things taken care of was the law, but I was getting tired of waiting and felt like I needed things to speed up so I could keep going.  In addition, I was thinking based on my past history I probably wouldn’t get approved at a “normal” dealership, so I started going to these “mom and pop” shops.  If you’re familiar with these places, they can be very intimidating with their high interest rates, poor car selections or worse, nice looking cars that are a piece of junk which may not work a week after you get one. Anyway, I’d gone through the ritual of bringing the proof of income, residency…etc and was prepared to make the deposit. As I sat looking at this car I was set to buy, I noticed the car didn’t resonate in a good way with me. I didn’t feel that “I’m getting a new car” feel. Instead I felt like I was cheapening my car buying experience and possibly ending up with another junk yard to pay for. However it was the model and make I wanted but that was about it, so I ignored my gut and proceeded forward anyway.

When they swiped my card, it declined. How could this be? I’d just left the bank! Not only that, I’d negotiated with the people to get my deposit reduced and my payment lowered and this happens!  Forget about being embarrassed, I was confused! So I spent the next hour dealing with the bank but no one at the bank could tell me anything. Needless to say, I left without the car. But there was hope. Afterall, this was on my vision board ….right? Well it was sorta. But I couldn’t see that part just yet.

The next day I work up extra early to deal with the bank by phone. They assured me everything was fine and whatever happened yesterday must have been corrected overnight. I even received an online notification to confirm what the teller was saying was true. So I went to the bank when it opened with ease and knowing I was going to get my cash and go get my new car.  However, once I got to the bank, I was told the money was missing again! This time I was sure something was wrong with this bank. With the recent bank merger there must have been a glitch in their systems. I proudly sat patiently for the bank teller to figure out what the problem was and smiled knowing I was right. After a while the bank teller informed me the money had been taken out of my account on purpose and it was related to the items that were part of the DMV issue (which I share above) and there was nothing they could do.

“WOW!” was all I could say in disbelief. Now how was I going to get this car, I wondered. I was mad but I quickly got past it, because I was smart and on to my next plan.

Before leaving the bank I began to come up with my plan B. I took the remainder of my funds out of my account and along with what I had on me and I proceeded to other local “mom and pop” dealerships. I even enlisted a few people I knew to look for auctioned cars throughout the day to expedite things. By the end of the day, none of my auction guys had found anything and I ended up at a family owned dealership where the guy’s initial greeting was “I’m a former convict and I run this place with my Dad.”

How welcoming.

I looked over his inventory then looked at my watch. I was becoming emotionally spent and feeling like I was running out of time. I was getting so desperate I started to like a 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse. This would have been a huge downgrade from what I asked God for in beginning, but I had to have something, so I thought. I went through the ritual again of giving the proof of income and residency…..then I paused and looked out at this 1993 vehicle. 

Who was I kidding? This was the exact same car I’d bought over 20 years ago brand new. I was past this car. On top of that it only met the color requirement I had in mind. The interior smelled of smoke, it had a horrible radio system, and it had been in an accident with the scars still showing. I came to my senses, kindly thanked the guy, gathered my things and left.

Sitting on the side of my bed that evening, I was totally exhausted. I looked at my vision board and I never saw a “1993” vehicle nor anything similar to what I’d been trying to purchase over the last two days. It wasn’t supposed to be hard to buy a car yet no matter what I did to purchase a car, I hit a road block and the more of my plans that I executed, the more road blocks I encountered. After thinking about it, I simply laughed at myself and accepted that it was very clear that God had something else better for me and this wasn’t the appointed time.


The next day I was encouraged again and decided to step out on faith and apply for a vehicle at a “real” dealership. This time, I was specific as to what I wanted from the color, make, model, year and accessories included.

Within an hour, I was approved!

Not only was I approved for more than what I asked for, I was able to pick exactly what I wanted with the bells and whistles!

When I decided to let God’s plan be my plan and have total faith in Him, the vision unfolded faster and easier than I imagined. It all made sense as I drove off the lot in the “new” car I really wanted. He’d been trying to tell me, to “wait” and I was closer than I could imagine.

Since that day, I’ve taken into consideration the things I’ve done in the past in which it seemed God was taking too long and I needed to help him. There were so many instances in which I asked God for things or situations to be in my favor, but I didn’t have patience to wait it out. At times, He let me do it my way only to have to come and correct it behind me.

Lesson learned?

The vision is given for an appointed time in which it will be delivered and it will not be a second late.

We were instructed to make the request known, believe it’s done and then wait.

Maybe you’re like I am at times: impatient and doubting because there is seemingly a “delay”. Remember, delay doesn’t always mean “no”.

Next time, you find yourself wrestling with anything or there are road blocks occurring that just don’t make sense, take a step back and ask yourself how does it feel? Am I grasping at straws or feeling desperate?

What would happen if I let go of my plans and let God handle it?

The appointed time has already been set, so consider it a done deal even during the process and it will come to pass.


Be handled with care and love,



(c) The Temeca Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2011


About Temeca

I believe in living authentically. By me being open about the truths we all share, people can connect with their own truths and have a better spiritual walk, health & wellness, healing, healthy relationships, and prosperity in their finances and career. Most importantly, loving others unconditionally "as is", forgiving for good and being happy are keys to a successful life.

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  1. I needed this one today. Love you!!!

  2. I love this and im very encouraged as i listen for instructions from God.

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