How To Accomplish Your Goals Like a Baby

I was reading a post by a fellow blogger talking about “trying until…” and it got me to thinking about my daughter’s first steps.


It was New Year’s Eve and we were having a party at my house. The food, the lights, the music, the card games and the kids were all in full effect. It was about ZERO degrees outside and we also BBQ-ing, so  you know the festivities were really crunk!

Our kids were still up as that was the one time of the year they were allowed to be amongst adults at such party, so that meant my baby girl who was about 2 years old was up, too.

For over 12 months, we’d been trying to get her to walk. You know how we do as parents. Her Dad would face her towards me and I would encourage her to walk to me. But she would just lean forward and not move her feet. So life would have it that we would carry her everywhere, and unless we were holding her hands she would NOT walk on her on. She cruised around the couch but her only mode of transportation was our hip or crawling.

Back the party.

I was watching MTV or something similar waiting for the new year to ring in.

I remember my friend girl asking me, “She’s almost two, when are you guys going to make her walk? Do you think something is wrong with her?”

At that moment, I paused and gave her the side eye and just as I was about to “snap”, her Dad jumped in and said, “When she’s ready, she will walk in her own time. There’s nothing wrong with her.”

Then I thought about it…… “Yeah, in her OWN time.”

So the party went on.

Just before the New Year’s ball dropped, I caught a glimpse of someone very small, wearing a red and black plaid pajama set, with a squiggly ponytail reaching out for me. As I turned around, it was my baby girl standing on her OWN and walking towards me unassisted taking her first steps!  I bout passed out, but before doing so, I snapped a quick picture of her to capture the moment.

From that day, she’s been walking every since.

Yes she was almost two and statically, she was delayed in walking. It was frustrating to answer the same questions from so many people just to hear them give me their opinions and advice as to why she wasn’t walking and how to get her to walk sooner.

But her Dad and I NEVER gave up on her. Why would we? We are her parents.

Just was we didn’t give up on her, obviously SHE did not give up on herself.

Just as this innocent baby stayed focused UNTIL she accomplished what she set out to do, you should stay focused on accomplishing your dreams and goals, too.

This came back to me as I was going through a situation in which it had seemed liked everything had been delayed. I was beginning to question a lot of things until I realized that God will see me through the entire thing, UNTIL I can do it on my OWN and/or the goals and dreams come to pass.

Yeah, we held her hands, we practiced with her, we encouraged her with different things, but in her own time, she walked.

God still has you and me and no matter what is happening moment-to-moment, just know you will accomplish your goals and dreams in the perfect time and on-time.

Now go be great!

Be handled with care and love,


(c) The Temeca Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2011


About Temeca

I believe in living authentically. By me being open about the truths we all share, people can connect with their own truths and have a better spiritual walk, health & wellness, healing, healthy relationships, and prosperity in their finances and career. Most importantly, loving others unconditionally "as is", forgiving for good and being happy are keys to a successful life.

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