True Short  Story of December 12, 2012

Today was made just for us.

A 100 years ago who could have known this is where we would be and that “We” would be the “we”.

The morning was spent waking up snuggled in blue spa sheets and looking at the downtown skyline from the condo.

By 12:12 p.m. prayer had taken place and a perfect kiss to the forehead was planted.

The evening was spent walking in a botanical garden of lights, holding hands and thinking about how awesome life had started to appear.

The night is now in a relaxed and chilled state while we watch TV.

And that’s how we spent 12/12/12.

This time next 100 years from now………..


[My] Life Summarized in 5 Chapters

My Life is Summarized in 5 Chapters

Chapter 1 

I was walking down the street.

There was a hole in the street.

I didn’t see it and I fell in it.

It wasn’t my fault because I didn’t know about it.

I was lost, scared and I didn’t know what to do.

It took seemingly forever to get out.

Chapter 2

I was walking down the same street.

There was a hole in the street.

I pretended I didn’t see it and I fell in it.

It was my fault.

Getting out took a long time.

Chapter 3

I was walking down the same street.

There was a hole in the street.

I saw it and I fell in it.

I said to myself, “This is a habit.”

This time it didn’t long to get out.

Chapter 4

I was walking down the same street.

There was a hole in the street.

I saw it.

This time I walked around it.

Chapter 5

As I was walking……I decided to take a NEW street.

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(I borrowed from this from Wayne Dyer’s Wish Fullfilled seminar.)

2011 is Over!

2011 is over and we’ve moved on!

Stay Blessed and have Faith in God!

Everyone enjoy your day!


 The woman who thinks she can and the woman who thinks she can’t are both right!-Henry Ford

This is some easy advice I received in part from a man and in part from experience. 

When a man doesn’t approach us, sometimes we say “he must be gay”. When he approaches us and gives us what we want, sometimes we say “he must be a player”.


We’re usually so busy trying to sum him up the moment we make eye contact that he doesn’t stand a chance.

In reality, the wrong man will weed himself out of your life very quickly. You have a better chance of attracting the right man if you consider doing the following:

1)     Be Open Minded.

Who cares who he’s with, meaning if he has another woman, you’ll know way sooner than later. Just go with it unless it proves out otherwise.

Who cares that he got 10 other phone numbers before yours. If he’s interested in calling you, he will.

Who cares who he slept with yesterday.  If he’s in front of you often, calling you or texting you without you have to “poke” him, it is you that’s in the top spot with him.

2)     Keep in Mind He Gave You What You Wanted.

He gave you his attention and his time.

3)     Decide if you want a man who is confident and good with women or someone who is insecure and lousy with women and can’t deliver.

4)     Stop thinking if you smile at him, he’ll think you’re “easy”. Men are visuals.

5)     Know that 90% of the good guys have been undiscovered. No judgment.

6)     Stop going to your girlfriend for bad advice. Go with what is inside of you.

7)     Keep it sexy and confident. Men are visuals (Come see me if you need tips.)

8)     JUST SAY NO TO NAGGING AND HARASSING HIM!  Asking him about this one and that one or being insecure about where you stand should be red flags for you. If he is putting out that vibe, chances are he may not be being honest. But truthfully, your gut instinct would tell you the truth. So listen to it.

Anyway, men HATE nagging as it reminds them of their mothers….and honey, his mother cannot do what you can do (wink).   Besides, when he has a lot of options to choose from you can pretty easily figure out which place you are. Once you know, make a decision. If you’re at the top, great. If you’re not number one, decide if you want to still play.

Here’s a very simple way to know: When he wants to be with you, he will be with you and you won’t have to become part of the FBI or League of Men Ain’t No Good club.

9)     Have fun wherever you are in the process. Get to know him. Let him live his REAL life so you can see what you’re getting. Live your real life so he can see what he’s getting.

And stop waiting by the phone! NOTE:  Men in general do not like to text a lot nor reply to emails or talk on the phone. This is called E-maintenance and some of them are not that good at it. But when you text or call him and he replies….just go with it.

By now you should already know where you stand with him.  When he WANTS to be with you, he will be with you. No homeboys, no job, no baby momma will keep him from you….not even the hustle of making money.

10) Keep your panties on………period. The wrong ones do not have “staying” power. Save yourself from becoming a booty call when he’s bored or from being used when he needs you for something.


His age is not as important as his maturity (Must be over 21….LOL). Mature men will communicate and not try and run game. Even if he tells you he has other situations, understandings, “friends”…..he’s communicating to you.


Mature men will not allow you to find out things from Facebook, Twitter or from the streets WHEN he wants to be with you. It’s NOT on you to “grow him up”.  However, things happen sometimes, so should you ask him about anything that comes up…..a mature man will be honest about it and not run. You’ll still be top of his list.

Just ask him straight up what’s his intent with you and a mature man will tell you.

Learn to LISTEN to him and don’t try to make what he says be anything other than what he says.

Be handled with care and love,


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Broken Hearts Are Open Hearts

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In life, a lot of emphasis is placed on becoming successful, gaining wealth, prestige and material things. This is one of the foremost things learned in formal and post-secondary schooling.   But rarely is it taught what a person is to do when they loose something/one.  It’s as if we want to hide our heads in the sand until the coast is clear and life will resume back to normal.

After experiencing a significant loss due to death, divorce, the break-up of a relationship (business or personal) or even moving, having the ability to move forward into the next phases of your life can be very painful, stressful and sometimes seemingly impossible. 

Everyday someone is waking up to the day that will change their life forever and everyday someone is in immense pain due to a loss. This is the focus of PBOE right now because this is also the beginning of an increase in suicides because of two things:  The person feels they are alone in their pain and it’s the holidays. And we have two more major festive holidays to go.

However, from experience, we know this process of getting your life back on track and having an amazing life is what the end result WILL be, if you let it.

So follow @AllPinkBows for #SchoolIsInSession for solutions and updates to help you heal and be handled with care.

Be handled with care and love,


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We’ve made our selection for the baby face of Pink Bows On Everything!  I actually met this baby  as a newborn in 2005 on a flight and held her most of the way to give her mom a break. We were even on the same flight back to our destinations. Who would have known she’d be the face of this movement of handling girls and women with care? Check out this princess! 


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Quit If You Want To. We Won’t Stop You.

“You’re already in pain, so you may as well get a reward!”-Eric Thomas, The Hip Hop Preacher

Right when I’m about to give up, my fitness trainer inspires me with the above quote from Eric Thomas’ “How Bad Do You Want It” speech.  As a matter of fact, he plays the entire speech. Then all of a sudden, the pain is over.

How many times have you been in a situation where the pain was so great you wanted to quit? How many times when you actually quit, you wished you’d kept going knowing how much further along you could have been? 

If this has been you or if this is where you are now, I’ve done this before, too so you are not alone.

There are many forms of pain whether it is from a broken arm, hurt feelings or a scraped knee. But the kind of pain I’m referring to today is a little different.  I’m talking about the pain of not accomplishing your goals and dreams as you said you would.

We’re about 8 weeks away from the end of the year 2011 and many of you made a commitment to yourself to change your life for the better. So today, where are you in making it happen?  What excuses have you made for the last 44 weeks as to why you couldn’t get it done? How does that make you feel knowing you are probably in the same place on your goal list that you were a year ago and knowing all the things you’ve allowed to get in your way are still there, too? What is it going to take for you to love yourself enough to take care of the body you have to live in?

Yes, I know the stress of feeling like it’ll never happen or thinking you’re too old to change back the hands of time or feeling like you don’t have time or the money isn’t there or the support isn’t there or nobody will like me blah blah blah. But I also know the multiple excuses we make because we can be LAZY. 

In the last week, I calculated that I’ve spoken with about 110 women about being healthy and losing weight. My primary contact with them was because we were talking about our passions and I expressed my love for fitness. From there, they’d explain how they don’t have time for this and that because this child has this to do or they were super busy with mowing the grass and a bunch of other excuses they gave me.

After the excuses they still wanted to know “how long did it take” and “what was the price.” So that got me to thinking about the value some people place on their lives. See if they saw a person wearing designer shoes or driving a high end car, some people would be quick to say, “Girl that’s my dream!” They wouldn’t ask what price was paid for it. They’d ask when did you get it and what do you do for a living to make it happen. Yet when they look at the things regarding their health and the “how to” and the proof is shown to them, it costs too much or they don’t have time because it “takes too long”.

After my survey last week, it made sense to me…..some people do not want to be healthy and live a wonderful life unless they have medication and are near death. It’s as if there is some great reward in suffering.  Why?

Well…….Food is a drug…………………………and it’s possible, they are addicted!  (It takes one to know one.)

Hi my name is Temeca, and I am a recovering food addict!

Yes a food addict. I love food but the wrong foods almost killed me. It didn’t run into my house in the middle of the night and jump on me, but I made a conscience choice to EAT my way through pain, stress, suffering, lack, loneliness and boredom. There’s just something about crunching on something and smelling good smells that trigger this thing in my mind that I had to have it. And when I would get a hold of it, I SUPER sized it!

But the day came when I would sit at the top of my steps at home and slide to the bottom because I was so worn out from the stair climb. I also began having all kinds of medical issues from what I thought were gall stones to high blood pressure. 

I was sure I was dying so I went to the doctor who ran a series of test on me. When the results came back, he looked at me and said, “Do you want to die?” I’d never had that question asked before so I had to think about it.   As I was thinking about it, he said, “The bottom line is you’re fat….morbidly obese is more like it and IF you do not change your lifestyle, you will die from this morbid obesity and this coat of fat that is hovering around your heart. All the things you’re complaining about that you have to do will be over. It’s up to you, so let me know.”

And that did it for me……………….but not that day.

I’m going to end here for now, but it took a bigger eye opener for me to “get it” and make a choice to change my thoughts and my ways in order to form a new habit and groove in my mindset.  All I can say is this is one time in my life, I am thankful I kept going. 

Look for part 2 of this soon.


Be handled with care and love,



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Successful Relationships

 Ain’t no particular sign I’m most compatible with, I just want your extra time and your………Kiss.-Prince

This has to be the first place I’ve ever lived in which I am usually greeted by “what’s your sign?” It’s as if my sign determines whether or not we’re going to be some great phenomenon or a great disaster. And when I tell my sign, I seem to strike a chord with them that resonates “Oh my goodness, you’re a handful blah blah blah”. Sometimes, I have them guess and they are usually standing there with the deer in headlight look because they are wrong. Zodiacally-technically speaking, I am a cusp sign with mutable and cardinal tendencies, raised by a certain type of man and woman (with their own issues), reared in a specific environment and genetically coded in a unique way. Then there are my own thoughts.

We are all designed this way, therefore, the zodiac sign predictor can be significantly off and cause us to be judgmental in the wrong direction and miss out on the best thing ever.

IF the zodiac signs were SO on point, why do we have SO MANY failed relationships of supposedly compatible people? Yeah, it’s great to know the personality type of the one you love, like or are attracted to, but the substance of who that person is should be considered high on the scale. Simply put? I’m compatible with all of the zodiacs. I just pick and choose what I will deal with from an individual and I also look at the things that make him tick.

But someone would say I’m not compatible with all the zodiacs because I’m the baby of the zodiac. Some may say I should have a daddy zodiac type of guy who can give me direction since I can be indecisive, demanding with an “It’s my way or no way attitude”…etc. Well how about I am the leader of the zodiacs: loyal, love only one at a time, the initiator, the front leg of the four-legged race with the spirit of “win or win”, honest and no matter what’s happening we will win.  I think in the larger scheme of things we should ask, where does this information come from? But does it really matter anyway?

Let’s see.

Maybe you’ve found yourself at times like me asking him questions as if you’re interviewing him for a leading role in your life. Yet regardless to what you’re told, his sign shouldn’t be a priority.

Consider this.

The things which stand out the most should be where did he come from and how was he raised. Followed by learning and understanding his beliefs, goals and dreams. See the answers will always appear in his actions which will show you what is in his heart; therefore he only has his word.

For his sake, he should be an honest man because the truth will eventually tell on him anyway.

Will the zodiac predict the best outcome of your relationship? No, is my opinion.

If you want to learn personality types, take a psychology class. But relying on an un-proven man-made assessment which cannot possibly factor in all of the possible scenarios available does not make sense.  My proof is in the court system dockets filled with divorce papers, unhappy people staying together and people judging another based on a flawed zodiac system…which interestingly has now changed all of a sudden. (Read about the zodiac shift on your own.)

Dear people, the heart and mind being on one accord between the two individuals are the true predictors of a successful relationship. Trust, Honesty, Love, Respect and Faith are the foundation of it, no matter what one’s zodiac sign reads.

Let’s get to work on having successful relationships that really work.

Be handled with care and love,


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Facebook….Not for the Sensitive or Censored.

“Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.”-Benjamin Franklin

“When you are on an OPEN public forum such as FB, you take the risk of things being taken out of context and/or people trying to correct you on so-called FB etiquette. I’ll say this. Freedom of speech is ours in the U.S. and if you do not like it, take your updates down and stay out of another person’s business. Else take that risk. This is NO sub-update. You’re not on my page but I made this public so you could see it when you wanted to check out who I am.”-My Status update

This is a public service announcement.

Unless you are under a rock, you’ve probably seen updates and tweets that seem to resonate with you a certain way. Sometimes you have to fight the urge to comment or reply and sometimes you may even give in to the conversation.

Either way, the only way you could view the update is because the settings are set to “public” or “customized” yet you were granted access.

So does this give you the right to follow social site etiquette?

Is there such a thing as social site etiquette?

The purpose of posting what’s on your mind? is to know what’s on your mind. Then when you make it a publically accessible thought, you run the risk that someone you do not know or do not like will see it and make a comment. You also run the risk that you may offended or offended others.  In essence you put yourself on the line the moment you click share and the moment you click comment.

Short True Story:  I’m sure everyone has a story to tell about it.

Share and comment wisely and based on what you KNOW you are capable of handling.

Be handled with care and love,


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Looking for the BABYFACE for PinkBowsOnEverything!

We’re looking for a newborn baby girl who will be the face of Pink Bows On Everything!

The newborn baby girl should be swaddled in a blanket or wearing a white Onsie,  with a clear shot of her face.

She should be as new NEW as possible, no matter what her race is.

Submit photos and contact information to BabyFace@PinkBowsOnEverything.com

If selected your photo(s) will only be used after a signed talent release has been received by our office.

Thank you!!